Who is a mentor?

Everyone who’s anyone knows who Oprah Winfrey is. And if you did not know her before, you certainly do after the infamous Meghan Markle Interview. Well, we don’t really care about the interview. What we need to talk about, is something that Oprah once said.

“A Mentor is someone who helps you see the hope inside of you”

Everyone needs a mentor & there are several reasons why. Philosophical quotes aside, a mentor is someone who can help you find clarity among the chaos.

Save Time On Your Job

Imagine working in a certain field for several years, think of the knowledge that a person may have amassed in that time, think of all the scenarios they may have encountered & all the troubleshooting they may have done. Do you then think that you, in your nascent stages in a field, could possibly encounter a problem that they have not yet solved? Far from likely, to say the very least. So finding a mentor, and the right one could really be the difference between staying at work 12 hours overtime to troubleshoot a problem or solving it over a 12 minute phone call & heading home for the night.

Troubleshooting Help?

A mentor is not just a troubleshooting manual. They can also be a guide. Making a difficult choice in your career? Not sure how to proceed further ? Should you quit your cushy MNC job? Are startup jobs unsteady? Where can you learn better? So many questions & too few answers. Guess who has most of the answers, if not all… Your mentor. Years of watching industries evolve has given your mentor a unique point of view. One that you can only hope to achieve someday. So you could ideally reach out to them & clear your mind of all its burdens.

Your “Work Counsellor”

A mentor is your counsellor. Well not in the psychological sense, but in a more career oriented manner. From all the ideas & experience they have, they might be the best person to go to for problems that are bogging you down emotionally at work. A quick hour long phone call may just leave you at the bright end of the tunnel.

A Change In Perspective

A mentor is your fresh pair of eyes. Often, we find that the only reason we are unable to find better ways to work or think, is because we have been staring at the problem for way too long. A mentor can take a look at your task & give you an idea from outside the box. Sometimes, a birds-eye-view is all you need & they are here to give it to you.

Respect Works Both Ways

Is your mentor a magic rabbit you can pull out of your hat any time of day? Absolutely not. Your mentor is a busy person, possibly at the peak of their career & barely finding time for themselves. That brings me to the last & most important part of who your mentor is. He/She is not someone you can call for every inconvenience. They are someone you go to when you’ve hit a roadblock, when you can’t see a way out or you can’t find a solution, given the knowledge you have.

That being said, it is absolutely imperative to find a mentor, irrespective of the field you are in. So head out, pull out your dear friends, Google & LinkedIn, find your mentor & fast-track your career.

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  • Pravin Chandan

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