A Closer Look At Moment Marketing

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Moment marketing is a type of marketing that tries to reach out to customers at the moment it matters. It is a novel marketing strategy which is being used in recent years. Generic marketing campaigns that lack innovation and creativity are outdated and do not manifest much of a success rate in today’s time. The market and consumers call for a more well-planned and fresh content. Marketers are constantly looking for new marketing strategies. Moment marketing is particularly useful in this scenario. It can be used for both online and offline marketing. It is a method by which brands juxtapose trends with the brand and its sales.

In digital marketing, despite utilizing the best graphics or content, it will not be fruitful if sent out at the incorrect time. You must market to your target at precisely the appropriate time if you want to make a mark. This is where the concept of instant marketing comes into play. Ads appearing at the right moment can increase traffic on your website and purchases as well. It is additionally, a method to reach large-scale audiences at a low cost and strike up a bond with potential customers. Moment marketing makes use of present events of relevance in marketing strategies with a view to establish connections during the happening of the events. This brings more attention to the brand. It is a captivating, creative, yet efficient way of marketing. It assists in spreading the brand message far and wide.


· The main benefit of moment marketing is that it makes your advertisements to appear at precisely the optimum time. Since this type of marketing targets customers who are seeking those specific products at that moment, it is more likely to lead to conversions.

· It is an effective way to grab the attention of customers as customers tend to search for content relating to trending topics.

· Moment marketing ensures that your marketing strategies are delivered to the consumers at a time when they are most receptive and willing to interact with the brand or product.

· It is also a way to exhibit support for a social cause, or voice opinions regarding a matter in issue.

· It gives an opportunity to your brand to become part of the conversations around the topic used in the ad.

· There is increased likelihood that the ad and thereby the brand would start trending if the ad comprises of a relevant topic.

· It makes your brand stand out and be remembered by those who see the ad. Your brand becomes familiar to consumers. It gives an edge over competitors.

· It is a better way to approach your consumers as it is more engaging in comparison to basic ads that customers are likely to skip or close.


· One must make sure to seize the moment and make timely use of trends.

· The keywords that would draw in more customers should be thought of and included. Keywords must be in such a manner that the target audience is attracted when they are looking for the product or service.

· A geographical area must also be identified where the keywords used are more likely to be searched. It will give you an idea about which region can be targeted.

· Content should be optimized according to the location. Customers would click on an advertisement that is specific to their region rather than one that is not.

· Selling of your product or service must be the central idea in your ad and consumers must be direct to further communication with your brand.

· Different ad formats can be experimented with in order to increase visibility. Popular social media trends such as memes or GIFs can also be utilized to increase visibility, particularly with the younger generation.

· Allow re-sharing by viewers. This will result in creating a buzz about your ads and can lead to your ad becoming viral which will in turn benefit your brand by increasing visibility and sales.

· Engaging in friendly banter on social media sites such as twitter can also be helpful.

· Content should be created around a heated topic in a creative manner. Therefore, including a trending topic may not be sufficient, but including it creatively would lead to catching the eye of consumers.

· Ensure that you do not derogate from the values and ideals that your brand believes in merely for keeping up with trends. The message you are trying to put across should not be forced, but rather authentic, in tune with your brand’s values. At the same time, keep the best interests of customers in mind and deliver responsible and important messages for the betterment of people at large. For example, including messages about the COVID-19 pandemic in your ads. This helps in establishing a long lasting connect with the consumers.

· Analytics can be looked into to gain an insight into the visitors on the website of your business, how they landed on the page, how they are interacting with page, time spent on the page, etc. This will allow you to better understand if modifications are to be made and your time and money are spent in the right strategies.

Moment marketing is therefore highly beneficial in spontaneously reaching consumers, establishing a connect with them and increasing conversions as well. It is impactful and captivating. Several companies like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Netflix, etc. use moment marketing on a regular basis and have seen immense success attributable to moment marketing. Amul is one of the brands that are known for their moment marketing and have gained recognition due to the same. It also gives brands an opportunity to make a difference with the influence they possess.

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