In today’s world, almost all customer decisions to buy products and services are influenced by advertising. This encompasses both more modern ideas, such Internet and mobile advertising, as well as more conventional ones, including traditional media like television, print, radio, and outdoor billboards. Business owners may be confused about the advantages of television advertising over other forms of advertising given the variety of advertising media accessible. In truth, TV advertising has advantages that are superior to those of any other medium, making it an efficient use of advertising funds.

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Many people now believe that TV advertising, along with many other conventional forms of advertising including radio, billboards, and print advertising (seen in newspapers and magazines), is on the verge of extinction. But this is not at all the case. If anything, TV is redefining its significance to viewers and marketers thanks to its wide audience reach and well-known status as a reliable source of news, information, and entertainment. Let us look at how television advertising is still relevant:

1. Live Events

The average weekly TV viewing time, particularly during live events is very high. Sports fans and those who appreciate live events typically watch them on TV networks rather than a streaming service. Despite viewer options, TV still enjoys a significant audience. Large audiences watch live athletic events all at once. Advertisers greatly prize advertising during important sports events because TV commercials cannot be skipped. Long after the game is finished, word-of-mouth marketing from television advertisements continues.

Major live events, such as the Oscars or the Grammys, allow advertisers to profit from the big, engaged audiences who tune in and interact on social media. For both national and local advertisers, attending live events is a fantastic way to reach new potential clients across all markets. The formula for results-driven campaigns is a multi-touch attribution strategy through integrated marketing channels employing traditional sources like TV and digital sources like Google AdWords and social media.

2. Older Audiences

While teenagers and young adults have lower viewing of television, adults 25 and older have higher viewers. When advertisers choose how to reach their target audiences with the correct messaging and the right advertising vehicle, time spent viewing is a crucial factor to take into account. An increasing number of consumers base their purchases on products they see advertised on their preferred TV shows. Their purchasing power rises as their habits and lifestyles change and as their disposable income rises, facilitating the buyer’s journey.

3. Fragmented Attention Span

According to reports, people between the ages of 16 and 34 watch TV while using a mobile device. When bringing a new brand or product to the market, TV is still a potent motivator for customers. Since the majority of viewers watch TV while using their second or third screens (laptop or mobile device), they are more likely to look for the advertisement they saw or the product if it is of interest to them. When identical language is used in both efforts, TV may have a direct influence on participation through social and search marketing. Synergy between TV advertising and digital campaigns can increase online conversions and assist marketers in monitoring the effectiveness of TV commercials using hashtags and other social media drivers.

4. TV advertising is still used by all major brands

TV advertising is a component of the marketing mix for Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. This is because television continues to be the strongest branding tool in marketing. When several kinds of advertising are combined to influence purchases, customers are given a more incredible experience. Measuring and monitoring consumer engagement activities is a difficulty for advertisers using conventional advertising formats like TV advertising. With the correct tools to handle micro and macro conversions, tracking KPIs after viewing a TV commercial is becoming simpler.

5. Trustworthiness

Advertising on television is the most effective because viewers trust it more than other mediums, even if it is more expensive to develop TV commercials than other ads and commercial air time can be pricey. Since it integrates both visual and audible stimuli, it has the benefit of sophistication above any other medium. Interesting camera angles, together with the combination of images and text, not only make a product look more lifelike than it would in a single static picture, television advertisements have the power to present a product, illustrate how to use it, and describe the advantages of ownership or consumption.

6. A Captive Audience is Attracted by Television

Other benefits of TV commercials include a captive audience and lack of extra competition. A TV commercial only highlights your goods for a brief period of time, if at all. In contrast, advertisements in newspapers, telephone directories, and other print media may be quite small and positioned next to those of rival companies. Because radio listeners typically switch between many stations by turning the radio dial, advertisers may need to place advertisements on numerous stations to reach their target audiences and customers may come into contact with rival brands.

7. Possibility of Audience Targeting

Targeting certain audiences and extending reach by promoting more social media interaction are additional benefits of television advertising. By purchasing ad spaces during programmes that their target audience is likely to watch, advertisers may specifically target their audience. To further hone in on a certain demographic, business owners might choose to advertise with independent or regional TV stations. As advertisers urge viewers to interact with their product while employing extra technology and social media sources, both reach and brand recognition may be increased. Advertisers can easily increase engagement. Additionally, viewers are more likely to text friends about a product they just saw promoted or look up additional details on one they are interested in.

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