For the majority of us, this year’s back-to-school period may be a bit uncertain. A lot of youngsters are returning to school for the first time in a year and getting used to the masks and social isolation they will experience in their classes. However, it doesn’t imply that your company cannot profit from some fantastic back-to-school sales. Now that school has resumed, there are several methods to draw children, teachers, and parents to your company. Here is a list of some ideas to make the most of the “back to school” period.

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1. Make a “back to school” category

Simply adding a category or filter to your website is one of the simplest, most affordable, and effective methods to advertise back-to-school merchandise. The easiest approach to draw visitors to products and services on a website is to provide a positive user experience. Usually, all the items that match back-to-school marketing may be included in these categories by simply applying a filter to them. Additionally, by providing a simple mechanism for visitors to the website to keep looking for the items they require, such a filter will improve the effectiveness of all other marketing initiatives.

2. Start with the appropriate products

Make sure your products are the best. If you are promoting the incorrect items, your back-to-school promotions won’t be successful. Decide which products to emphasise in your shop and material before creating your ads.

The two primary approaches are as follows. To start, review your prior data. What products were hot during the back-to-school season last year? What did individuals ultimately purchase? Usually, your shop management system can help you discover this data. Examining market trends is another technique to gain product insights. You can accomplish this with the use of a free trending tool from Google. Visit trends.google.com to research trends in your specialty or area of interest. To monitor search patterns over time, you can also input particular goods or brands.

3. Increase sales by showing customers how your items work with their school schedules

Even if you have stocked up on chic and practical back-to-school supplies, you have to persuade customers to make a purchase. You won’t stand out from the many other retailers that are offering the same thing if your response is to just place your items on a shelf or rack. Showcase your items so they precisely appeal to back-to-school customers rather than just throwing them out there. Showing people how to utilise your products in the classroom is a useful approach to do this.

4. Increase the relevance of your back-to-school advertising to the newest trends

Look into what has children, or even parents captivated. Consider incorporating current trends or events that interest your target audience into your back-to-school marketing. Consider including a popular trend to attract attention when creating your back-to-school advertising. Once more, you may research Google Trends to see what is currently trending. Use Think with Google’s Shopping Insights tool to investigate the patterns and appeal of particular items.

5. Involve children in marketing to make them more engaging

Get the kids engaged in whatever you’re doing for the season since back to school is all about the kids. If you’re serious about including the kids, you can ask for their assistance in carrying out your campaigns. This might be as easy as you asking youngsters and adolescents what they want to buy for the upcoming school year.

6. Run a limited discount

Running offers and discounts is a tried-and-true method of attracting clients. Marketing and advertising for back-to-school are similar. Even if individuals anticipate spending more annually, they will continue to hunt for the greatest offers. If a discount isn’t sitewide, you should think twice about applying it. Discounting items that are likely to be replaced the following year, such as clothing, stationery, and other transient goods, might be beneficial to consumers who are searching for the greatest discounts.

7. Publish a newsletter with suggestions

Nowadays, it is difficult to pick just one product because there are so many options available in almost every area. On very basic things, many individuals spend hours studying or making decisions. You may send an email newsletter with particular product suggestions broken down by category as part of your marketing strategy. By saving your consumers the time they would often waste when choosing a product, sending them such an email will prove to be valuable to you as well.

8. Launch a contest on social media

A lot of people will notice your brand throughout the back-to-school season. There is a lot of social media research happening as customers educate themselves on things since there is a lot of buying going on. The moment is ideal to launch a social media back-to-school campaign or competition. To significantly boost interactions and followers, that would be your aim with these marketing initiatives. It’s not necessary for the new clients to convert right away.

9. Bundle products

Back-to-school shopping often entails purchasing a wide range of goods. The majority of them are rather predictable, such as office supplies and stationery. Customers still take a lot of time gathering all the items into one basket, though. The time taken might be frustrating, which can result in cart abandonment. So it makes sense to put together back-to-school bundles that include some of the best-selling items at a reasonable price. Your consumers will be appreciative that they don’t have to spend a lot of time gathering all the items they require.

10. Modify your website to adhere to the theme

As it is equally crucial to be remembered for customers in e-commerce, sometimes tiny modifications may make a big difference. More repeat business may frequently result from being memorable. Get website visitors in the spirit for returning to school with a simple style update and a few website adjustments. Your website will become more recognisable, though it is unlikely to directly influence sales.



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