Campaigns are marketing efforts taken by a company or brand in order to drive traffic, revenue, conversions and engagement. It involves meticulous planning, development and management. Let us have a look at the best Indian marketing campaigns.

● Ariel : #ShareTheLoad

This campaign by Ariel Matic questioned why men can’t do the washing and other household work. It encouraged men to perform their part in household work by sharing the load. The campaign began with a film that tells the narrative from the point of view of a father who sees his career-oriented daughter come home from work and tidy up the house for her husband. He then writes a letter to his daughter, regretting how his own actions have led to her predicament and promising to fix it by contributing in the household work. This highlighted the reality that there should be no distinction between what work should be done by women and what work should be done by men and that doing housework is not the defining feature of a good wife. It was followed by more such films, highlighting the issue. The goal of the campaign was to promote Ariel Matic, a new premium detergent, in India but the message went viral in 22 nations and 16 languages.

● British Airways: Fuelled by Love Campaign

This campaign by British Airways is one of the most emotional and best digital marketing campaigns. It depicts the journey of a British Airways crew member who falls in love with India and develops a strong bond with India. Indians tend to be emotional and this campaign strikes at this trait. This. campaign called “Fuelled by Love” was released to promote its airline brand. The campaign’s and story’s central theme was that “while service is motivated by purpose and efficiency, real care is only fuelled by love.” The cabin crew encounters an Indian guest with whom she forms a unique relationship. She went to the passenger’s residence in India later and was blown away by the kindness and care she experienced. The airline launched a unique three-day deal for its customers from India to London with exclusive rates in economy and business class as part of this digital marketing campaign. The deal was applicable for a limited time. This campaign was one of the finest digital marketing efforts that effectively showed the two cultures coming together. The campaign video was released on British Airways’ official website and promoted via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube. The campaign received an award in the United States and went viral, touching the lives of many people.

● Lays India : Smiling Face Packaging

Potato chips have been a popular snack since time immemorial and Lays is a well-known brand in India that sells a variety of flavours of potato chips. However, it was found that most people bought certain flavours without even trying or tasting the other flavours. Therefore, this campaign by Laws aimed to get customers to try all the different flavours that the brand provides. They devised a brilliant marketing campaign by designing the Lays packets with human smiles; a different smile for each flavour. They then initiated a contest, in which individuals could enter by taking a selfie with the packet of Lays with a smile on it. This led to people buying not only more Lays packets, but also packets of different flavours.

● Dove : #StopTheBeautyTest

#StopTheBeautyTest was a campaign by Dove that has a crucial message for the country. Dove, through this campaign, put out the message that beauty is multi-dimensional. It tackled harmful beauty practises to enhance the self-esteem of women all around the world, in keeping with its beliefs. Dove’s campaign targeted the point in the lives of every young Indian woman who is exposed to a “beauty test” that makes her feel unattractive and undermines her self-esteem. The Indian matrimony space is filled with bias based on looks. The campaign showed the dire situation and circumstances that Indian women faced on matrimony sites, being judged by prospective in-laws and questioned this practice.

● Coca-Cola : Small World Machines – Bringing India & Pakistan Together

The campaign “Small World Machines” was launched by Coca-Cola and showed a small world machine for bringing India and Pakistan together. Coca-Cola asked individuals from India and Pakistan to participate in the campaign by using technology to share a simple moment of joy and connection. In Lahore and New Delhi, two high-tech vending machines were placed in two well-known retail malls. People were encouraged to put their differences aside and share a brief moment of happiness over a coke as part of the campaign. The “Small World Machines’’ campaign combined 3D touchscreen technology with a communications portal that connects two strangers separated by boundaries from two different countries. Before sharing a coke, people from the two countries were urged to perform a friendly task together such as waving, drawing or dancing. The campaign’s objective was to bring happiness and excitement while also promoting cultural understanding. When the campaign was released on YouTube, it received over 3.3 million views and has become one of the most successful marketing campaigns.

● IAPC : #LaughAtDeath

The #LaughAtDeath campaign by End Of Life Care India is a stand-up comedy show in which terminally ill patients speak and make jokes on death. They were also trained by the best stand-up comedians in India before going up on stage. People are generally apprehensive about discussing death, which makes the patients feel isolated and miserable. Palliative care tries to make patients as comfortable as possible in their final days. The patients were invited to do a stand-up comedy act for their family and physicians as part of the campaign. The patients were selected from those that were supported by IAPC. It was released on the website of End of Life Care India and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The patients made it a huge success by eagerly sharing about their last days. They stunned everyone with their live performances and touched everyone present in the audience.

A successful marketing campaign can thus stay in the hearts of the viewers and make your brand more visible and relatable. It can increase your sales as well as awareness.

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