When we think of advertisements, we usually remember quickly switching channels, or skipping the advertisement if it is online. However, there are some advertisements that are impactful and humorous, so much so, that it stays with the viewers. Indian advertising has seen a dramatic growth over the years in terms of creativity and emotion. Here are some of the best Indian advertisements of all time:


At a time when television brands boast of their impressive and new features such as high-definition picture quality, audio systems, etc., Samsung took a bold step by appealing to the emotional quotient of viewers and highlighted their customer service over the features of their television. It shows a Samsung Service agent travelling far and wide to reach a hostel for visually-impaired people who wish to see a girl from their hostel performing on the TV show ‘Indian Idol’. They state in the advertisement that sometimes, one must travel far for the sake of relationships and that is why Samsung Service vans go to every corner of the country. This advertisement won the hearts of millions all around the world.

● VICKS – Generation of Care

It depicted how a touch of care can bring two souls who are not related by blood together in a loving and caring relationship. This short advertisement was released on YouTube in March 2017 and has had over 9 million views. The video encourages people to reconsider what constitutes a family. It underlines the brand’s belief in the power of care. The advertisement was based on the real life story of Gayatri and Gauri. The video shows how Gauri, a transgender woman, cared for Gayatri against all odds and societal challenges. Their family was made through love and care. The advertisement’s objective was to raise awareness that everyone has the right to love, care for, and create a family. It was advertised on all digital and social media platforms. It became very successful as it was beautiful, emotional and meaningful.


With the slogan “Asli masale sach sach,” MDH capitalised on Indian culture’s values and traditions to market masalas, and who better to laud these than a lively old man? When it came to finding a brand ambassador, MDH brought in Dharampal Gulati, the spice company’s owner. Everything was completed in-house, from advertising to packaging and promotions to design. By highlighting Indian traditions through their advertisement, MDH managed to make a mark on the minds of the viewers and made the slogan one of the most recognizable ones.

● TANISHQ – Wedding Film

This advertisement wonderfully shows a new groom embracing and welcoming his new role as a father to his bride’s daughter. It shattered the barriers built by the society of a divorced person’s remarriage being looked down upon. It conveyed a much-needed message, while at the same time, showcasing the jewellery of the brand as well, which was bound to catch the attention of the viewers.


During tumultuous times between India and Pakistan, right before the Indo-Pak World Cup encounter, FewiKwik came out with an ad asserting a strong political statement. In this ad, a tube of FewiKwik was shown to bridge the gap between India and Pakistan. This advertisement is considered as one of the best, as it came in like a breath of fresh air with a subtle message in a timely manner, when tensions were at an all-time high.

● HAVELLS FAN – Hawa Badlegi

In this advertisement, when a young couple goes to the registration office to get their marriage registered, the man states he will change his last name instead of the woman, which is the usual practice. By smashing patriarchal norms, this ad urged people to change their oppressive, age-old beliefs. The tagline ‘Hawa Badlegi’ was used to show this change.


For most people in India, watching cricket and ordering food go hand in hand. So when IPL made its comeback, Swiggy used this opportunity to incorporate cricket and food delivery into their ads. It showed an old man who tried to hide his Swiggy orders from his wife, with cricket commentary running in the background. The humorous advertisement was received well by all viewers since it felt relatable.

● TITAN RAGA – Flaunt Your Flaws

The Titan Raga ‘Flaunt Your Flaws’ advertisement addressed the issue of undue pressure on women to always look good. The ad put forth the view that there is beauty in imperfections and that it is in flaws that true beauty lies. It encouraged women to flaunt their flaws with pride.

● HORLICKS – Tum Kab Itne Bade Ho Gaye

The brand took a bold step away from listing product benefits. The advertisement shows a little girl replacing a flat tyre at night while travelling with her mother and younger sister. She tells her mother that she has seen her father do it while her proud mother watches. This is the type of storytelling that has the potential to enhance advertising.

● CRED – Almost Unbelievable

CRED brought in a humorous and creative set of ads and showed ‘almost unbelievable’ situations like Rauhl Dravid losing his temper or Venkatesh Prasad singing in a boy band. These were shown to highlight the tagline ‘Almost Unbelievable’ and became very popular, thereby bringing awareness to this new brand.


Amul is considered the best for decades of advertising in print media. The ads, featured in everyday newspapers, show the Amul butter girl and comment on the pressing issues in the country at the time. It is timely and relevant, occasionally controversial, but a big hit across the country.


Although Hutch was acquired by Vodafone later, the HUtch ad featuring a pug following a young boy throughout the day was one of the most iconic advertisements of the time. The accompanying tagline, ‘Wherever you go, the network follows you’ was written to let consumers know that the service provider provides a strong network in all areas. The advertisement became so famous that Vodafone decided to keep the pug in their ads even after they acquired Hutch.


The advertisement of ‘Touch the Pickle’ by Whisper, encouraged women to break menstruation taboos by simply touching a bottle of pickle, which, according to tradition, will decay if touched by a menstruating woman. In a country where menstruation is still a hushed topic, this was a bold and welcome move.

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