Diwali, the festival of lights is right around the corner. It is a festival that is celebrated with zeal all around the country. Diwali has also proven to be the largest online shopping festival, with numerous businesses competing for the majority of digital customers with sensational ideas and new offers. The Diwali season provides a world of possibilities for your brand, allowing you to acquire new clients by impactful marketing. Traditions and festivals are at the very foundation of Indian society. This makes the festive year a constant in terms of shopping frenzy. People all across the country scout for promotional offers and sales during the festive season. This is the perfect opportunity for marketers to reach their target audience. Every year, the battle for the festive season gets more difficult. Therefore, we have given below a few tips to help you create an effective Diwali marketing strategy. A successful marketing campaign during the Diwali season can make the world aware about your brand.

● Visualize the impact of your product

Before you start marketing, it’s critical to figure out what your product niche is. People are more inclined to purchase new clothing, gifts, lights, firecrackers, greeting cards, gadgets, and auspicious goods during this time. However, you must put thought into whether your product would attract buyers during the Diwali season and only then promote it, but do not make the mistake of simply promoting a product with a view that anything will perform well over the holiday season. Take seasonal factors into consideration and make use of it so that your blogs and advertisements are not generic.

● Conduct Contests and Games

Any brand you see will undoubtedly be running a huge campaign around Diwali. A digital contest and other such fun activities embedded in your campaign is a wonderful method to engage your audience and stand apart from the rest. Contests assist in the creation of a clutter-free brand environment. This will also keep the consumers more occupied with the contests and games which means it is less likely that their attention will be grabbed by other brands. Interesting games and activities will also lead to consumers sharing about the same to their friends and family, thereby broadening the reach of your brand.

● Add Fireworks to your campaign

Both literally and figuratively, adding fireworks to your campaign is a must during Diwali. The festival of lights is known for fireworks, so designing your content relating it to fireworks or using it as a backdrop for your posters for promotional offers can immediately bring to the knowledge of the viewer that your campaign or offers are running for the festival. It is bound to mesmerize your audience.

● Timing is vital

Timing and relevance are key factors when it comes to Diwali campaigns. Some important things to consider are what product you are planning to highlight in your promotions, what the consumers are looking for, particularly in the festive season, etc. Keeping these in mind will not only help you to approach the right marketing strategy in terms of the products and offers that have to be sent out but will also help with the reasoning to justify your product or offer launches during the festival.

● Know about your competitors

During the peak of the Diwali sale, the rivalry between competitors may rise to new heights with every brand coming out with mind-blowing campaigns that boost their sales. Hence, it is important to learn about your competitors and develop your market intelligence with digital marketing. Find out unique and creative ways to fight off the competition and stand apart.

● Social Media and Influencers

Social media campaigns are the newest trend as they can yield high results and leave a long lasting impact. Social media is the best place to garner the attention of the current generation. However, simple paid advertisements alone are no longer as effective as before. Influencer marketing is the best alternative since it eliminates all of the concerns about digital promotions. Influencers tend to have a huge reach and their promotions tend to impact consumers to a large extent. The influencer can share stories and posts or YouTube videos about your products or brand. This is a sure way to increase traffic on your page in a short period of time.

● Highlight Brand Values

Through the Campaign People have different ideas and ideals and they act differently as a result. In the same way, brands are based on a set of values that they believe personify their brand and that their primary consumers share. You are more likely to encourage your consumers to behave in a specific manner if you highlight these essential values in your campaign. These are ideals that customers feel are vital to them. Aligning your brand with certain values in your campaign is a wonderful approach to engage people and inspire them to buy. Most times, when a brand tries to come up with a festive campaign, they lose sight of their core ideals and merely go with the trend. This may result in loss of customers who relate with your brand. Therefore, market your Diwali offers and promotions but try not to deviate from your brand’s principles much.

The stakes are high for Diwali and it is yours to grab with the right planning and execution. Keep these tips in mind and add ideas of your own that best suit your brand.

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