The festival of Dussehra occurs at the end of Navratri and symbolises the triumph of good over evil. The significance of Dussehra dates back to the Ramayana era. Ram worshippers burn structures of King Ravana, the ten-headed demon, to represent the burning of societal ills on Earth. The festivities are enjoyed by people from all over the country. As a result of the festival’s magnificence, different Dussehra campaigns are launched by brands honouring the festival’s auspiciousness every year. The ten day period of this festival is extremely significant for sales across all categories as consumers tend to make huge expenditures during this time as it is deemed to be auspicious. The festive spirit makes customers willing to indulge in shopping sprees. This makes the festival a vital opportunity to boost sales. To achieve this, marketers have to not only attract the attention of the customers during the festival period, but must also start marketing their offers and discounts prior to the beginning of the festival itself. A proper strategy and execution can help you take advantage of the festival for your sales. The ten-day celebration of Dussehra entails a ten-day campaign. This may seem like a huge pressure on marketers, so here are some tips and ideas to help you create an interesting and effective campaign.

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● Schedule and plan ahead

It is imperative to conduct a thorough research and plan before the festival period begins. Statistics from the previous year such as the best-selling items in the past, the least popular items, the existing market trends, etc., may be studied, and the results will help in the planning for this year. This will give you an idea about the products which are the most profitable and in high demand so that discounts may be offered appropriately. Considering that the actual festival days are extremely busy with heavy internet traffic, preparation must be completed well ahead of time.

● Discounts and offers

People are always on the lookout for discounts and offers, particularly while making large purchases during this time. By offering such discounts, you can draw more traffic towards your website. Alternatively, you can also offer free shipping or other such perks for a limited period of time.

● Good Social Media Strategy

Consumers spend a large portion of their day connected to their phones, doing everything from interacting to purchasing online. Social media can be the best way to reach your audience. By publishing interesting messages or visuals on their accounts, brands may enhance their presence on social networking platforms. The festival period in particular, is a time when you can announce fresh product releases or enticing festival deals. Add a creative flair to your social media posts highlighting the festival. This has the potential to pique customer attention and increase sales. You can also enter into collaborations with social media influencers to gain more visibility.

● Email marketing

One of the most effective marketing strategies for the festive season is email marketing. A creative email campaign showcasing discounts and offers on different products may be sent to potential consumers. Captivating email content and graphics may drive more visitors to your website, which can then be converted into sales.

● Stand out by being creative

It is essential to differentiate your brand among the others. With new brands constantly entering the market, the rivalry is rapidly increasing as every brand is trying to make use of the festival season for their marketing campaigns. Therefore, it is necessary to implement creative methods into your campaigns to stand apart from the rest. This can be done by creative illustrations, funny one-liners, telling stories, etc. that would help you connect with your target audience.

● Attractive Landing Pages

To captivate consumers, design a fresh and stunning theme for promoting the biggest discounts. Colourful visuals, animations, unique graphics, discount tags, may all have an influence on visitors and perhaps turn them into customers. Eye-catching Landing Pages, Pop-Ups, and Banners on your website will raise visitor interest. The discounts and offers that you are providing for the festival period must be highlighted in an innovative manner. A countdown to the festival offers can also be shown on the landing page.

● Referral Programs

A solid Referral Program may significantly increase sales at a low cost. At a time when there are ongoing discounts and offers, consumers may recommend and thereby bring in additional consumers to your website. You may offer some small reward for referring which will instigate consumers to do so. This can especially be helpful for new entrants who are not known much.

● Customization:

Customers these days pay a lot of attention to how things are presented. For Dussehra, brands can change up their packaging slightly to fit the occasion. You can also add personalised messages on the packaging. This can also be used by consumers who wish to gift the products to their loved ones as festivals are all about gifting.

● Using emotions:

Campaigns that focus on reminiscing about childhood days or festive experiences not only allows for a stronger connection with consumers, but it also demonstrates the brand’s authenticity. Furthermore, when customers see related material that evokes memories, they feel compelled to share it with their relatives and friends. This raises brand awareness.

● Hassle-free shopping experience:

Since there will be a lot of traffic on the website on festival days and consumers also will be in a hurry, ensuring that the consumers have a smooth experience and fast checkouts is necessary.

The importance of marketing is exponentially high during the festive season in ensuring that the brand can reap the most benefits out of this time. The traffic on the brand’s website during the festival days are a direct result of marketing efforts. Therefore, these tips can be used in addition to your own strategies to achieve a successful marketing campaign during Dussehra.



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