Marketing trends are continuously evolving, changing rapidly as businesses attempt to better harness new technology and adapt to market changes. It is no longer only about making a big statement or producing attention-grabbing material. Businesses must find ways to interact with prospective consumers in meaningful ways, establish a reputation as a reliable source of information, and maintain those connections after making target audiences aware of their presence.

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In this environment, companies would be prudent to take advantage of new marketing trends that promise to provide them a competitive advantage. As we’ve officially reached the middle of the year, let us have a look at the top trends in the first half of 2022.

1. Influencer marketing has changed from a trend to a widely used marketing tactic

Influencer marketing has evolved from a fascinating trend to a widely employed marketing strategy. Influencers are typically masters of the platforms they utilise as well as the field or subject they discuss. They already have a following that is engaged, interested in what they have to say, and impacted by what they have to say.

Marketers may increase brand exposure and win followers from the influencer’s own audience when they partner with influencers and industry thought leaders in their field. Micro-influencers are used by most marketers who spend in influencer marketing. Micro-influencers are people who advocate brands on social media but have a limited following (usually, thousands to tens of thousands of followers). Despite having fewer followers, their posts are typically more impactful owing to higher levels of engagement.

These influencers, too, have established a place in their field, which is why they have begun to play a larger part in converting leads, interacting with audiences, and increasing brand recognition. Micro-influencers’ audiences are more inclined to believe their ideas and suggestions since they are still regarded as “normal” individuals. Although it is easy to focus just on the number of followers when deciding whether or not an influencer is fit for your company, keep in mind that actual impact is measured by engagement rates.

2. Conversational Commerce

Conversational commerce refers to the convergence of chat applications and retail. This is a new retail frontier and has become widely used and popularised in 2022.

3. Mobile optimization has become more crucial

Consumers are spending an increasing amount of time on their mobile devices, which is expected. In reality, mobile devices, including tablets, account for more than half of all yearly online website traffic. As the buying power of millennials and Gen Z grows, mobile-optimised digital experiences have become significantly more important to consider as a business owner marketing to these fast-paced, highly connected generations. Most marketers these days spend money on mobile web design. Mobile optimization is considered a beneficial investment by SEO marketers as well.

4. Interactive Content

Consumers are becoming increasingly self-sufficient in their search. As marketers, we must take this into account and make things easier for our customers. Businesses may need to devote more time and effort to keeping prospects interested and assisting them in locating what they need, therefore one trend that emerged in 2022 is the emergence of interactive content.

5. Prioritising social responsibility

Despite the fact that many marketers believe social responsibility is useless in terms of campaign engagement or performance, this year, it has been increasing in importance. In today’s world, social responsibility, ethics, and transparency are important to the modern customer. During the various worldwide events in 2020 and 2021, there was a surge in interest in purchasing items from socially responsible companies.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread over the world, it brought to light the difficulties that employees face in the workplace and in politics. Employees grew increasingly outspoken about their dissatisfactions, inequity, and treatment at work. Customers are more likely to support firms that show concern for all customers, workers, and shared causes, according to early research from companies. With this in mind, businesses have begun to shift their social media strategy to emphasise more inclusive activities, promotions, and products, as well as causes or missions they support. Even if it doesn’t instantly sell things, demonstrating a sense of social responsibility is smart and effective.

6. Intent Monitoring

Marketers have begun to focus on their most important business goal: identifying ready-to-buy customers. To that end, it has become useful to know who is looking for a product — and who could be in the market. The answer is intent monitoring, which is a new trend that will continue to expand in 2022. It provides a strong tool to affect business success when paired with actionable insights.

7. New Virtual Reality Software And Apps

New software tools and apps are being offered in the virtual reality world as a result of Facebook’s recent statements regarding the metaverse. In 2022, more hybrid and mixed reality experiences have come up.

8. SEO is being used by more firms to increase search traffic

As marketers, websites and content should be made as discoverable as possible, particularly on Google, in order to generate long-term and short-term visitor returns. While SEO is not a new concept, its tactics are becoming increasingly integrated in current marketing strategies. As the need for SEO tactics grows, so do the prospects for search optimization. As Google’s algorithms have progressed, SEO has become much more than just cranking out basic content that responds to basic search queries. Brands are now hiring SEO specialists to assist them with everything from keyword research to multimedia optimization.

9. Inbound marketing

Despite the fact that inbound marketing has been around for a long time, most marketers began to use it for the first time in 2022. In this era of digital revolution, adopting inbound marketing is a wise decision. The world has experienced extraordinary upheaval in the last two years, and outbound marketing strategies have become even less efficient at reaching prospects and leads.

Inbound marketing has risen to the top of effective approaches as the move from in-person to hybrid work from home (WFH) company practises has occurred. There has been a substantial increase in virtual events, prompting marketers to be more inventive in order to attract customers’ attention.

Despite their usual repetitive production, they see this as a place where they can generate interest. Every organisation has sought to roll out events, webinars, and virtual conferences as a replacement for in-person engagement as virtual events have expanded as a replacement for in-person engagement. So in 2022 the battle for polish and production value has increased. Through a targeted approach to induce people to seek out material, inbound marketing can be a great tool in creating brand recognition and building trust digitally. Inbound marketing demands to create high-quality, relevant content that is suited to your target audience and buyer personas’ needs.

10. A Greater Focus On Reputation

Over the last few months, there has been a rise in the fragility of businesses in the country, as well as their balancing act of attempting to resonate in a polarised environment. The importance of brand reputation has increased manifold.



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