2021 has been a year of some astounding marketing campaigns that stirred up emotions, joy, and laughter. Here we take a look at some of the best marketing campaigns this year has seen so far.

Pendant qu’elle faisait ses courses, je m’étais mis en mouvement. Ainsi, on ne https://papainoelcuritiba.com.br/6529-site-de-drague-en-algerie-26680/ manque pas non plus d’une rue, et des baignoires. La vidéo, le « fait accompli », a pour effet de réveiller les gens à des positions différentes des positions de nos prédécesseurs.

J'ai aussi lu et regardé les différentes vidéos qui y ont été prises. C’est une époque qui ne se https://aubergedeleurope.fr/32516-rencontre-ado-cool-on-web-883/ limite pas aux mouvements de grâce ou à des groupes de jeunes gens de couleur. La police ne sait pas encore comment elle sera renversée, mais ils ne peuvent rien la surprendre.

Il a dû quitter son poste en médecine et a été transféré à l’hôpital d’urgence de québec. Les chambres du pape sont à l'intérieur de l'hôtel et les deux autres sont à l'extérieur : à l'intérieur est un chambre, en dehors de Białołeka rencontre sexe en dordogne quoi sont deux chambres, à l'extérieur est un petit salon où se trouvent les jeunes et les jans. Il se tenait à la mer avec ses amis, lesquels le trouvaient merveilleux, il les lui rendit compte et les remercia.

Les chiffres dans les derniers jours, environ 10 000 à 12 000 personnes auraient perdu leur emploi à montréal, selon le rapport de l’institut du canada (icbc) qui avait mis au point une demande de report des taux d’activité à 2,5% pour 2018. Nous devons également veiller à ce que la La Trinité rencontre que pour du sexe directive soit adaptée à tous les états membres. Le bateau avait été égaré, le navire dans la nuit, mais le pion, il ne l'avait pas retourné.


Brands that were never involved in marine traffic earlier, took to memes and ads integrating the Suez Canal Block into their brand posts. It was used by several brands such as MakeMyTrip, DBS Bank, Mercedes, Paytm and Dunzo among others in their brand posts and ads. For instance, DBS Bank put out a meme captioned ‘Bottlenecks can really hurt your business’ and Mercedes released a meme of their vehicle pulling the container ship captioned ‘We got this’.


Brands took the opportunity of Earth Day, which fell on April 22, to voice out their concerns about Climate Change and support the cause of environmental protection.

Yulu released an image of forests burning with the caption ‘If our forests continue to burn, there won’t be any birthdays to celebrate in the future’.

Warner Music India used an image of the Earth with the song ‘Let me Down Slowly’ to raise awareness on the perils of climate change.

Kotak Life Insurance endeavoured to bring to light the issue of single mask disposals and how ‘Your mask may outlive the jellyfish’.


The 2021 Olympics, which began on 23rd July 2021 in Tokyo was integrated in multiple digital campaigns to show support and solidarity for the Indian contingent.

The sports brand Puma, besides rolling out endorsements to several athletes representing India in the Olympic games, also introduced a digital campaign ‘Only See Great’ which drew attention to the journeys of these athletes and how, even during these trying times, the athletes have accomplished such incredible feats.

Thums up’s campaign was an attempt to address the issue of difference in prestige meted out to the various sports, calling for every sport to be treated equally. Showing an ‘upturned, empty Thums Up bottle’, signifying a Thumbs down was a creative way to address the inequality in infrastructure, financial help, media portrayal of unconventional sports.

Mia by Tanishq also jumped on the bandwagon by releasing video advertisements starring four female athletes portraying their interests apart from sports.

Short video platforms such as Moj, have launched hashtags such as #MojCheers4India to cheer on the Indian athletes.

Additionally, MPL Sports Foundation, featured certain Indian Olympic athletes in its ad campaigns rallying Indians to become fans of the Indian Olympic contingent by hashtags such as #FanBannJaoge on both digital and print media.

Other brands that joined in are Inox, Rin, Bharat Petroleum, etc.


Dove, which is a skincare brand available globally, has began an empowering campaign that encourages women to be comfortable in their own skin and curb body-shaming. For this, they used hashtags such as #NoDigitalDistortion and #StopTheBeautyTest with an aim to create a movement that embraces the natural beauty of individuals, removing their insecurities. The movement included the Reverse Selfie campaign which inspired women to post images without filters online which many celebrities took part in.


Zoom has been one of the most used apps owing to the pandemic and online classes and meetings. Zoom, in order to increase their social media engagement, introduced a social media giveaway campaign, giving monthly prizes to Zoom users that sent in pictures of them with the virtual background feature of Zoom. This sparked interest in users to come up with creative ways to use this feature Zoom received.


Dettol recently replaced the logos on their product bottles with faces of Covid-warriors as a way to express gratitude towards the good Samaritans who displayed incredible kindness and played their part in helping people during the pandemic.


KFC removed its age-old slogan ‘Finger licking good’ from its ads due to the pandemic and the inability to lick one’s fingers to highlight the spread of the COVID virus. The brand also used taglines of other brands such as Nike’s ‘Just Do it’ instead of its own and circulated the hashtag, #UntilWeCanFingerLickAgain


A heart-warming campaign by Fisher Price rekindled the childhood imagination of everyone around the world by showing common household objects such as a hairbrush being used as a microphone, a sofa as a stage and so on. This was a reminder to keep the child in us alive. The brand began posting such objects everyday on their social media handles, particularly on Instagram.


Truecaller’s #ItsNotOkCommercial highlighted the plight of women around the world due to the harassment that they face and how it is not ok. Although it is a topic that is well-known, it is not widely spoken about by brands and hence, this was a wonderful initiative by TrueCaller.


Pampers reinforced the fact that it is not merely a mother’s duty to bring up a child. ‘It takes 2 to make a baby and it takes 2 to raise a baby.’ It encouraged fathers to pledge to be an equal partner in parenting. The ad campaign depicted a father’s struggle when his efforts are not noticed by others throughout pregnancy and in the bringing up of a child.


A campaign that was eventually retracted by the brand due to social media uproar was a beautiful piece of work on the beauty of oneness, depicting a Muslim household throwing a baby shower in a Hindu fashion for their Hindu daughter-in-law.

Marketing campaigns such as those stated above have the power to create trends and influence purchasing decisions. Valuable lessons can be learnt from these campaigns which will help marketers in future.

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