Direct selling means selling by establishing direct contact between the seller and the consumer without the interference of any third party. It is most popular in the B2B sector wherein businesses contact their clientele directly. Direct selling can help in kickstarting your brand and ensuring sustainable growth. It is implemented by thriving businesses as well.

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Direct selling can be beneficial to both the brand as well as consumers. Consumers find it more convenient and satisfying. Direct selling can be used to adjust the product according to the needs of each consumer. The whole manufacturing and sales cycle is controlled by the brand itself and thus, the brand can modify its products or services on the basis of feedback received from the consumers.

Some examples of companies that use direct selling are Amway, Avon Products, Herbalife Nutrition, Natura, etc.


There are several approaches that can be used to execute direct selling such as:

● One-on-one selling-

This means in-person communication between the seller and the consumer. It is when the seller goes from door to door to sell the product or arranges for a business meeting with a client to explain about the product and sell it.

● Online selling-

This method is the most commonly used method, specifically by small businesses and local brands by selling products or services through their brand’s websites or social media accounts. It is convenient and time and energy efficient.

● Host or party-plan selling –

In this method, the brand brings together a group of consumers and explains about the product to them in a laid-back atmosphere such as parties. Such an atmosphere makes consumers more inclined to purchase the product. This can also take place in an office environment.


● For successful direct selling, a brand must focus on sales techniques and increase investment in the enhancement of selling skills. It is important to start out by setting clearly defined goals which are measurable. It would keep you motivated and increase your chances of success.

● Next, identify your target audience and their lifestyle. In direct selling, knowing your prospective consumers will result in better sales. Their habits, interests, jobs, must all be taken into consideration.

● The next step is to create a strategy for sales. This will allow you to better address the consumers’ needs. Keep a track of performance indicators to ensure that the strategies are implemented properly and goals are achieved. Increase your marketing efforts.

● Marketing is vital for any business. It helps draw in the potential consumers. Marketing can improve the visibility of your brand and in direct selling, the salespeople can also help in marketing by contributing information about the consumers which can be incorporated in marketing strategies.

● Ensure that you build a strong relationship with the consumers at all stages of the purchasing process such as presenting the product, closing deals, keeping in touch with consumers which will bring them back as returning consumers, etc.


● Due to close interaction with consumers, direct selling allows for personalization of products and offers, tailor-made according to each consumer. This contributes to an increase in revenue as consumers are more likely to buy from brands that are relevant to their interests. For example, close contact with consumers can tell a seller if the particular consumer is price sensitive and can adjust pricing accordingly.

● Direct Selling ensures a low risk entry. Since the costs are minimal in direct selling, any failed campaign will not adversely impact the profit of the company. This gives room to the brand for testing new perspectives and sales methods to analyse which works best. It allows for experimentation.

● Direct selling enables you to work at your own pace. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to plan your goals and needs. You can choose your work hours, priorities and responsibilities.

● Entire control of each stage of consumer interaction rests in the hands of the brand itself. Therefore, the brand can adjust prices depending on the consumers and regulate the experience of the consumers throughout the purchasing process and bring down the risks to its reputation by eliminating middlemen.

● Stronger, long-lasting and more authentic relationships can be forged with consumers as a result of direct selling due to the individual approach. This would lead to enlarging your brand’s profits.

● Direct selling ensures higher revenue as a whole since the entire revenue generated goes directly to the brand and there is no requirement to divide it among the brand and the intermediaries.

● Salespersons in direct selling businesses offer more than mere sales. They also act as consultants to business owners and share their insights about consumers.

● Customers tend to exhibit more satisfaction in cases of direct selling. This is owing to more attention being given to consumers, specific needs being catered to, etc.

● Direct selling contributes to overall business skill development due to increased involvement in the entire business process. It can lead to a stark increase in personal growth.


● Make sure to build strong relationships with the consumers in the beginning, rather than focusing more on sales.

● Have a thorough knowledge of your products as more enthusiastic salespersons are more likely to draw in customers.

● Expand your network as it is essential in this type of selling.

● Maintain a customer database, which will be helpful in personalization for repeat customers and will ensure that they come back to purchase from your brand.

● Blogging is one of the most successful methods to promote your brand. It helps to attract potential consumers and build trustworthy relationships with them. The blogs must be informative and include not only information about your business but also important news in the industry.

● Establish a strong social media presence. Social media is an effective way to communicate with consumers as most consumers around the world spend a considerable amount of time on social media. It can increase the awareness that your brand receives. It helps in building a community for your brand.

● Email marketing can help in boosting sales by engaging with consumers and sending them special offers. Consumers tend to prefer to receive such offers through their email. A catalogue of your products or services can be sent to consumers. These can also be personalized and sent at appropriate times to the consumers.

● Businesses can hugely benefit from collaborating with influencers and bloggers. In the current time with increased social media usage, such collaborations can prove more effective than traditional marketing channels. This can be seen especially in cosmetics industries. Even in other industries, identifying influential professionals in the particular field and approaching them for a collaboration can attract more consumers.

Therefore, Direct Selling is a viable option to kickstart your business owing to the ease of carrying it out and the numerous benefits it has to offer

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