How to build an inclusive workspace in pride month

Diversity has been proven to result in a stronger workforce. Companies that incorporate and value employees from varied backgrounds, tend to observe a boost in creativity, innovation, company culture, employee performance and more.

However, diversity and inclusivity are not the same thing. Inclusivity is a crucial requirement in being able to support a diverse workforce. It entails the creation of an environment that includes and welcomes each and every employee.

Other than a general morale boost, inclusive workspaces reap greater rewards that make them an obvious choice for any business. Deloitte has reported a 6x gain in innovation and a 2.3x gain in cash flow per employee in workspaces that focus on inclusivity.

Now that the necessity of an inclusive workspace has been made clear, here are 6 tips to enable your employee to flourish regardless of their background and story:

Inclusive Core Values

It is necessary to revisit the core values of your company regularly to make sure that there is a relevant statement on inclusive culture present. In-case one is absent, you must get a buy-in from your leadership to draft an update and execute the same. A good practice is to incorporate suggestions and feedback from employees across the company. More importantly so, in the event that the leadership and/or HR teams are not sufficiently diverse.

Inclusive Safe Spaces

A number of companies have promoted non-binary and genderqueer inclusion by provision gender-neutral restrooms. In the event that your organisation has not done this, it is definitely worth considering it among other safe spaces such as lactation rooms for mothers, prayer spaces, quiet workspaces for workers who are prone to overstimulation and more.

Inclusive Holiday Calendar

Small things, such as holidays can end up meaning a lot, especially for minority groups. Review your company’s official holiday calendar and in addition to Christian and secular holidays such as Christmas and New year, include holidays that represent the religious beliefs of the employees across your company. This could include events such as Ramadan, Muharram, Diwali, Navratri, and more.

Inclusive Events

While planning out work events and initiatives, especially in order to promote inclusivity, the sky’s the limit. You can host Pride Month mixers, screen documentaries during lunch or invite guest speakers from diverse but relevant backgrounds. Beyond that, choosing the right charitable causes, or the right speaker at a public event can make a significant difference to how included an employee feels in the company.

Inclusive Access

To make your office welcome to absolutely all employees and visitors, it is necessary that your office be wheelchair accessible. This is especially true when it comes to areas such as the restrooms and kitchen. Even small steps or uneven floors present a major obstacle to mobility challenged employees and visitors. Identifying accessibility pain points in your office building and addressing them can make your workspace much more accessible and inclusive to all.

Inclusive Training

In this article, you started with learning the difference between diversity and inclusivity. Now it’s time your employees learn and understand it too. It’s possible to have a diverse workspace that is not inclusive where minority employees while present may feel excluded or that they are not represented in the workspace culture. Raising awareness and explicitly training employees to fully embrace the diversity around them can go a long way in making a workspace inclusive.

In following these six simple steps, your company will have taken a giant leap forward in the journey towards building an inclusive workspace and improving overall productivity, innovation and most importantly morale.

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