The world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn has more than 600 million users globally. You need an optimised and current LinkedIn profile if you are serious about your job and professional growth. You have the opportunity to put your name and image in front of hundreds or even thousands of businesspeople in your industry by creating a LinkedIn profile. This is crucial if you are seeking work.

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Having a LinkedIn page alone is insufficient, though. You need a good LinkedIn profile that stands out, conveys the proper messages, and enables you to interact with those who can advance your career. These easy suggestions will help your LinkedIn profile stand out:

1. Add your photograph

Adding a professional profile photo to your LinkedIn page is the easiest thing you can do to give a face to your name. Remember that this is the first impression that visitors will get of your page, so be creative if that fits with what you do or who you are. It is worthwhile to spend the money if you don’t already have a professional headshot. Considering how many users there are on LinkedIn, individuals without a photo are sometimes overlooked.

2. Write a catchy headline

The first thing that LinkedIn profile visitors will view is your headline, which is situated just beneath your name. For starters, it is okay to use the default settings, which fills this in with your current position, but you may change it to anything you choose. Write something that stands out as you only have 120 characters to work with. Include your speciality and how you help your organisation or consumers rather than merely giving your job title. Don’t forget to consider your intended audience; whether you are addressing clients, colleagues in the industry, or recruiters. Write for your intended readership. Just like that, you will have introduced yourself, explained what you bring to the table, and quickly and successfully built yourself some credibility.

3. Write a captivating summary

You have the chance to share your narrative in your LinkedIn summary. Given that you have 2,000 characters to deal with, your summary can be a more detailed version of your headline. Instead of concentrating just on your prior experience, consider what you do well and what you might offer a potential employer. Remember that keywords are essential in this situation; utilise phrases that you wish to be closely associated with in your industry. Don’t utilise all 2,000 characters because people’s attention spans have become short. Instead, limit it to no more than 50 percent of that. Be imaginative and depict your true self as a professional.

4. Describe your experience

Instead of just putting your CV onto your LinkedIn page, you can do better. The two-page rule is not applicable here, but you do have online users that have limited attention spans. Use two to four intriguing and outstanding bullet points for each position you list, making sure to include any that you think pertinent to the direction you want your career to take. Use effective action verbs to demonstrate both what you did and what you achieved in each position. The goal is to show the influence you have had, the change you have brought about, the efforts you have spearheaded, and the outcomes you have produced.

5. Employ visual tools

Such as on Twitter and Facebook, you can upload a background or cover photo on LinkedIn. Choose a theme that reflects your job or personality; it’s easy to do and it helps your LinkedIn profile stand out. You may also link various types of media to your profile on LinkedIn, including infographics and videos from YouTube. Make your page leap off the screen and demand attention by being inventive with pertinent material.

6. Customise your URL

The website address for your profile is your LinkedIn URL. Your name and some random digits will appear on the default URL. You have the option to change your public LinkedIn URL on the right side of your profile. Use that feature to make your URL neater and shorter; it just takes a few minutes, and the result will be a much more memorable URL.

7. Begin making connections

Although it sounds apparent, it may occasionally be simple to forget. The first, second, and third-degree connections on LinkedIn require you to continuously expand your network as you meet new people; having a large network keeps you visible to others. Having said that, while it is possible to connect with strangers, it is better to do so with people you know well, have had contact with, or have interacted with professionally. Send a letter along with your request outlining who you are and why you’d like to connect if you do choose to connect with someone you haven’t met or who you don’t directly know.

8. Ask for recommendations

This is a big one. Think of people that you’ve developed a good working relationship with in the past. When you edit your profile, there is a link to click that says Ask for Recommendations. Click on it. You choose what you’d like to be recommended for and can choose a list of people from your connections. Then, send it out and hope you get some great feedback. Recommendations are key to making your LinkedIn profile stand out. Employers want to know that others have approved of your work.

9. Continuously update your page

LinkedIn is a networking social media platform rather than just an online CV. That implies that you must continue to be active to get the most out of it. View other people’s posts, interact with them with insightful comments, and like and share those that seem to be of value to you. Additionally, you may join groups on LinkedIn. There will be groups discussing whatever your professional interests are, from marketing to accountancy. Join one or two, then engage in conversation there. It is a fantastic method to network and exchange ideas.

10. Examine the strength of your LinkedIn profile

You can see a gauge on the right-hand side of your current profile that measures your “Profile Strength.” In essence, this informs you of how well you have completed your profile. Continue to add more and follow the advice on the website until the gauge deems you a “All-Star.” It’s straightforward, but it can show you if you’ve missed anything.

It’s quite simple to use and benefit from LinkedIn, which is a strong tool. Utilise it to its fullest by optimising your profile to stand out among the competition, market your abilities, and support your successes. Visitors should find your page aesthetically appealing and find it simple to understand who you are and what you can really accomplish for them professionally.

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