Among all the precautionary methods, getting vaccinated is considered the best way to reduce your chances of contracting the Covid virus. Despite some emerging evidence of the advantages of even partial (one-dose) vaccination, it is nevertheless recommended that all people who are eligible have their second dose of vaccination as soon as possible. The second dose, in addition to the first, aids in the development of a stronger immune response. It also offers a sense of safety and certainty in the face of the ever-increasing number of strains of the virus. The first dose prepares the immune system to detect the COVID-19 virus. The second dose increases your immunity, giving you even more protection against becoming severely ill from the virus. The second dose boosts cellular immunity for extended protection and it also improves resistance to other variants. All of the vaccinations now available are found to work in two doses. Getting both doses results in a greater, more effective immune response and longer-lasting protection. It’s critical that everyone gets two doses. However, there are still many doubts and queries in the minds of the people about how to get the second dose of vaccination, the side-effects, etc. Most of these questions are cleared below.


You can register for your 2nd dose of vaccine on either the Co-WIN app or the Aarogya Setu App.

To register on the Co-WIN app –

  1. Download and Install the Co-WIN app on your smartphone.
  2. 2. Once the app opens, enter your mobile number.
  3. 3. Enter the OTP after receiving it and click on Verify.
  4. 4. Tap on the schedule appointment option beside the second dose icon.
  5. 5. Pick a vaccination centre and confirm your booking.

Alternatively, you may also register via the CoWIN website

1. Go to

2. Enter your mobile number and click on ‘Get OTP’.

3. Enter the OTP and login.

4. Tap on the schedule appointment option beside the second dose icon.

5. Pick a vaccination centre and confirm your booking.

You can also register using the Aarogya Setu app.

1. Download and Install the Aarogya Setu app on your smartphone. If you already have the app, make sure it is updated.

2. Register yourself on the app.

3. Tap on the Vaccination tab.

4. Enter your mobile number and enter the OTP.

5. Tap on the schedule appointment option beside the second dose icon.

6. Select a vaccination centre and confirm your booking.


For Covaxin, a 28-day interval between two doses of the vaccine is recommended. The gap has been increased for Covishield based on “emerging scientific evidence.” The suggested interval was four to six weeks in January. The gap time was changed in March and increased to four to eight weeks. It has now been extended again to 12 to 16 weeks.

It has been recommended that those who get affected by the virus after the first dose of vaccine should ideally wait for 4 to 8 weeks after recovering from the illness before taking their second dose.


Side effects are. normal after getting vaccinated and its extent can vary from person to person. Side effects such as pain where the vaccine is administered, redness, and mild swelling are found to be similar for most people. The side effects begin around 12 hours after receiving the vaccine and lasts for about 24 hours. There have been reports that showed that side-effects can be harsher after the second dose. People have reported feeling extremely tired for around 2 days after the vaccination. It is possible that those who did not feel any side-effects after the first dose may feel harsh side effects. Some reports also suggest that women face more severe side-effects due to their hormonal balance and fluctuations. People who have been affected earlier by the virus have found to face more intense side-effects.

Side effects can include inflammatory reactions like fever, body pain, chills, fatigue, soreness in the arm, tiredness. It is advisable to take a day’s rest, hydrate yourself sufficiently and take medicines approved by your doctor if the side-effects are too much. Adverse reactions and allergies are mostly uncommon.

Those who have unusual or severe side effects may need medical attention or be told to postpone their second dose. However, even if you notice any negative side effects, it’s still a good idea to have the second dose, after consulting with your doctor. be prepared, take all necessary safeguards, and notify healthcare authorities at the vaccination venue about the previous adverse reaction.


People are currently dealing with a vaccine shortage, which is forcing them to postpone vaccinations. This has become a cause for concern. However, small delays will not render your vaccine ineffective or leave you more vulnerable to risks. The body still receives immunity from the first dose, the second dose simply strengthens it. Therefore, there is no need to worry if you do not get a slot for your vaccine immediately, but get it done as soon as you can.


Although getting the second dose seems promising, don’t anticipate immunity to develop immediately after the second dose. It takes some time for peak immunity and antibody protection to develop after vaccination. While side effects show up immediately, immunity takes at least 10–14 days to develop after receiving the vaccine. As a result, a person is only regarded as completely immunised once the 2-week post-vaccination period has passed. Hence , people will still need to take all safety precautions such as wearing masks and following basic preventative measures. Prior to going to the vaccination centre, ensure that you get proper sleep, eat well and are not stressed and take all the other precautions that you followed for the first dose of vaccine. With proper rest, your side-effects can be minimized. Avoid consuming alcohol and other harmful substances which can reduce your level of immunity.

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