Instagram is now one of the most efficient ways to market your products and services, boost your engagement, and increase your sales. Instagram is also free to use. However, some brands find it difficult to gain followers and increase their reach on the app. This leads brands to be tempted to buy followers but this can lead to a lot of issues, even getting banned. This is why it is important to grow organically.

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A comprehensive organic growth strategy can be implemented to gain the best results. Given below are a few tips that you can use to increase your viewerships and followers on Instagram, the right way.

  1. Optimize your Instagram account
  2. It is vital to properly optimize your account. Consider your Instagram bio to be your account’s “homepage.” A bio, proper username and profile picture are all necessary for letting people know that the account belongs to your brand. Your Instagram bio and image serve as the basis of your business identification. Because the link in your bio is the way to send Instagram traffic to your website, it’s critical to optimise your account. Also, make your username search-friendly as possible, which typically means staying similar to your brand name. If your brand is long, make it shorter so that your target audience can remember it. Try not to. include any digits or special characters in your username, and try to make it consistent with your other social network accounts.

2. Be consistent

With Instagram’s algorithm, consistency is a key factor to getting more visibility on your posts. Brands that post on a regular basis tend to see better outcomes. Posting at least once a day is the best option. It has been found that accounts that post daily gain followers faster than those who do not. If you post consistently, and your posts have good engagement, the Instagram algorithm will show your posts towards the top of the feeds of your followers. You can also make use of free Instagram post scheduling apps so that you do not have to manually post every single day. But it is also important to note that quality is more important than quantity. Merely posting frequently will not bring in high engagement rates if your content does not connect with the audience. Therefore, making quality content is also important.

3. Discover the Best Time to Post

An often overlooked fact is that your Instagram engagement can reduce drastically just by posting at the wrong time. Posting when your audience is active on the app is one of the best ways to boost engagement. The Instagram algorithm will work in your favour if you generate a lot of engagement quickly. This can be achieved by monitoring and keeping a check on your Instagram analytics to discover the optimal time to post according to your audience. Since the audience of each brand is different and consists of people from different time zones, the optimal time to post is different for each account. Figuring this out using your analytics can help you be seen by more people, increase your engagement and therefore leads to overall growth of your brand.

4. Learn how the Instagram algorithm works

When Instagram switched from a chronological feed to a ranked timeline, most users panicked, but later realized that it was better for their visibility and reach. Therefore, learning to use the algorithm to your advantage is necessary. There are a few factors that decide what will show up on a person’s feed, such as interest, timeliness, relationship, frequency, following, and usage. Interest is about how much the app thinks the user would like the post on the basis on previous activity, timeliness refers to how recently the post was posted, relationship is about the other accounts the user engages with regularly, frequency is about how frequently the user uses the app, following is about the content that is posted by accounts that the user follows and usage refers to the time spent on Instagram by the user. The goal of the app is to show each user content that is best suited to them. It is thus important to post quality content consistently keeping these factors in mind.

5. Host contests or giveaways

One of the best and most efficient ways to enable more interaction between your followers and your posts is to ask questions or call for an action. This can also be done by hosting giveaway contests. Giveaway contests tend to generate a lot more comments than usual posts. Alternatively, asking a simple question on your posts can also result in a lot more comments.

6. Curate user-generated content

By curating user-generated content, those users are more likely to engage with your content and share it. Since users’ relationships are taken into consideration when ranking content on the user’s feed, creating relationships with the users through Instagram can assist you in making your content rank higher on feeds. User-generated content also makes your content more likely to be remembered by the viewer and increases your credibility and the trust that potential buyers place on your brand.

7. Use Instagram ads

Instagram ads are a viable strategy to expand your organic reach. You may promote your previous posts from within the Instagram app if you have an Instagram Business Profile.

8. Write good captions

While Instagram is primarily a photo sharing app, quality photographs and videos can grab the attention of viewers, but it is your captions that will keep your viewers hooked. Captions allow you to add extra information or context to the photo or video you’re sharing. Additionally, incorporating keywords in captions might help you appear in app search results. Experiment with various caption lengths. Some images thrive from a brief, crisp comment with a handful of emojis, while others require something lengthier and more thoughtful.

9. Use hashtags

Hashtags are an extremely important feature on Instagram. This is because usage of proper hashtags can help you reach a large and targeted audience easily. Hashtags are necessary if you want to gain more followers. By utilizing hashtags, your posts will be discoverable by search or when people tap on a particular hashtag from a different post. It is also possible to follow hashtags on Instagram. This makes it possible for your content to appear on the feeds of even those that do not follow your page. Find hashtags that are relevant to your target audience. At the same time, ensure that you do not overuse the number of hashtags on your posts.

10.Collaborate with others

Collaborating with others can be beneficial to both parties involved for more reach. It has become one of the most commonly used marketing tactics. You can adopt partnerships or influencer campaigns. You can send your products to influencers, requesting them to promote it or depending on your budget, you may also pay content creators to promote your brand. Posts from influencers can be very impactful. You can also re-share this user-generated content.

11. Avoid fake Instagram followers

It has become quite simple to differentiate an account with fake followers and those with real ones. While it may be tempting to easily buy followers, the negative consequences outweigh the benefits. When a legitimate user finds an account with several followers but an inactive feed, they tend to lose the trust they have on you. Additionally, although your account will have followers, these bot followers will not be purchasing anything from your brand. It is real followers that will spend money and bring monetary value to your business. There will also be little to no engagement on your posts whereas real followers will share, like, comment and engage with your Instagram posts. Therefore, it is important to grow organically.

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