How To Make A Marketing Calendar

Creating a marketing calendar can help you focus your efforts on what is important & let go of things that are not important towards your marketing goals.

So let’s learn how to create the perfect marketing calendar

Set Goals

Marketing calendars have to be created with the idea of achieving a certain goal at the end of a fixed period of time. So the natural first step is to set your goals. Understand your product or offering, decide on a rough strategy & fix up your goals. Decide on the number & set them in stone.

If you’d like to know how to set SMART goals, you can find it on our blog.

Pick a Software

Choose a platform to put up your calendar. Since marketing generally involves teams, you need to make sure that your calendar is on a platform that is accessible to multiple people. Editable, readable & reachable to anyone in your team at all times.

We have lot of options to choose from, and you may try these (or) another that you find easy to use:

Google Sheet —

Notion —

Evernote —

Mark Important Days

Yes, if you look at all the “days” and festival calendars in the world, you’re bound to find an event for each day of the year. But we don’t want that. We want to pick the days that are important & mark them on the calendar so that we can use them to our advantage & make communication around it.

Decide On a Marketing Strategy

Whether your focus is on sales, lead generation or engaging your audience, you need to pick a strategy that works for your goals. Picking the right strategy will then let you map out activities across a month or even across a quarter.

We even have a whole blog about creating strategies.

Pick Your Channels

Are you focusing just on Google marketing? Or are you going full-blown forward with social media, email marketing, linkedin marketing, youtube, pr. Whatever you choose, you can then lay it out onto the calendar. Carefully planning your way to alternate content along all these channels without flooding any one channel.

Create For Your Target Audience

You are creating content & marketing to a target audience. So you need to spend time checking if your calendar is tailored to suit the tastes & needs of your target audience.

Plan out your weeks accordingly.

Long Term Vs Short Term Goals

Calendars can be made for both long-term & short-term campaigns. Before you start, ensure you cover goal sets of goals. Your calendar will basically act as a guide for you to get to your successful end.

If you need help kicking things off, head to our blog to read more on marketing strategies & goal setting at

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