Marketers and businesses around the world are making use of Instagram for its aesthetically appealing and popular environment for businesses. While using Instagram for marketing your brand or products, it is important to look into and analyze your Instagram metrics to understand what works for your brand and what can be improved. If you do not analyze your Instagram metrics on a regular basis, you may be targeting the wrong people, posting too often or not enough, posting during inconvenient times, or missing out on possibilities for brand engagement. Instagram metrics are only available to business profiles. Some of these metrics can be difficult to comprehend, especially if you are new to Instagram. We have thus simplified and explained them here below.

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  1. Instagram Audience Metrics:
  2. Your Instagram metrics include a section dedicated to showing you about your audience which is helpful to understand who your target audience is and who your posts are drawing in. It includes:
  3. ● Top locations: You can view the top five cities and countries where your followers are situated using this data.
  4. ● Age range: Instagram groups the ages of your followers in different ranges such as 13–17, 18–24, 25–34, 35–44, 45–54, 55–64, 65+.
  5. ● Gender: This shows how many of your followers are men and how many are women.
  6. ● Follower hours: A useful metric for determining when your followers are most active on Instagram.
  7. ● Follower days: This feature is similar in that it displays the days of the week when your followers are most active.

2. Individual Post Metrics

● Interactions: These are actions performed as a result of your post which. are tracked and logged here, whether they are viewing your profile, clicking a link, or utilising the call/email button in your post.

● Discovery: This allows you to discover new content from accounts you may not be following and your brand’s account is eligible to appear on this page. The amount of accounts obtained through discovery that are not presently following you will be displayed with this metric.

● Followers: The number of new followers you gained as a result of a post. – Reach: The number of unique accounts reached by the post.

● Impressions: The total number of people who have seen your post. Instagram also divides information down by category to show where the post was viewed on the app – from home, hashtags, profile, etc.

● Saves: The number of. accounts that have saved your post to their own saved folder. – Comments: The number of people who have left a comment on your post.

3. Instagram Stories Metrics

Instagram stories have grown in popularity and are an opportunity to get your products in front of more people.

● Impressions: The amount of times your story has been seen.

● Reach: The number of different accounts that saw your story

● Exits: The number of times someone left your story in the middle of it.

● Replies: The total number of replies on a video or image on your story.

● Impressions: This will identify the accounts that have viewed a certain aspect of your story.

What metrics to track-

1. Your Instagram follower growth

Your Instagram follower count may be a simple number, but it’s also a crucial one. The amount of followers you have has a range of effects on the overall performance of your Instagram account. You will receive more engagement and clicks if you have more people following you. It is also important to analyze the rate of growth of your followers rather than simply seeing how many followers you have at the moment. If your growth rate is negative, it suggests that you are losing followers. That should be enough to alert you to the fact that something is really wrong. Since follower growth is not part of the app’s metrics, you may manually record it on a spreadsheet or use an Instagram analytics tool for this.

2. Your Instagram audience demographics

Knowing your audience is vital to a successful Instagram strategy, whether you want to increase engagement, boost traffic, or make sales. You will be able to fine-tune your content and ensure that your followers match your target persona if you have a deep knowledge of your audience demographics.

3. Your Instagram website clicks

For some Instagram accounts, this measure is important, while for others, it is rather inconsequential. If driving traffic, conversions, or purchases is your top objective on Instagram, you should be tracking website clicks. On the other hand, if you’re primarily using Instagram to establish a community and boost brand recognition, you won’t need to pay as much attention to Instagram web traffic.

4. Your Instagram reach

It is very useful for determining how much brand recognition and buzz your content is producing. Unlike impressions, which are tracked every time your content is seen, reach is tracked just once per unique user. It shows you which of your posts are getting the most attention. If you are receiving a good reach, it can be an indication that. your posting schedule is effective.

5. Your Instagram engagement rate

On Instagram, engagement is considered most important. Engagement is the ideal place to start for any social media managers or digital marketers trying to gauge the performance of their content on Instagram. This is because Instagram’s algorithm encourages posts that receive a lot of engagement. The amount of engagement each post receives and how quickly people engage with them after they are originally uploaded determine which posts appear first in users’ feeds. Instagram strives to deliver a great user experience, therefore posts that users find the most engaging are given preference.

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