International Marketing Degrees can be very useful for those who wish to begin a career in marketing and also for those who are already in the field and wish to enhance their knowledge. These programs offer the opportunity to students to explore a particular area of interest which can improve their professional skills and knowledge. Going overseas to study, however, comes with hefty expenses which most people are unable to afford. As a viable solution, there are courses which you can take from the comfort of your own home in India. Some of them are given below:

1. PG Dip Global Digital Marketing — University of Essex

This online, part-time course covers all the essential topics in marketing in order to develop your all-round skills as a marketing professional. In this course, you will learn about many elements of international marketing, as well as the various digital platforms present and how businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on them to be successful. You will also improve your communication and analytical abilities, which are both necessary for success in this area. After the course is completed, you can continue studying with the full Master’s programme that they provide.

2. Content Development — University of Pennsylvania

This free online marketing course on content development is offered by the University of Virginia. It teaches one about the practice of developing content to connect with their target audience. The course begins by demonstrating how these concepts gain traction, followed by instructions on how to best apply them in a marketing context. This course is available on Coursera.

3. Digital Marketing — University of Colorado Boulder

This course, ‘Introduction to the Digital Advertising Landscape’ teaches one about the vast array of digital media channels available. It narrows the focus to the most important platforms and demonstrates how to use them effectively. This is the first in a series of digital advertising strategy courses for beginners, and it takes around thirteen hours to complete. This free online marketing course is accessible on the Coursera platform and is part of the University of Colorado Boulder’s curriculum.

4. Marketing Analytics — Columbia University Marketing analytics refers to gathering a large amount of data and analysing it to make informed business decisions. This course on marketing analytics is offered by Columbia University and is available on the edX platform. This free online marketing course shows students how to use analytics to get the most out of their investment. Students learn how to construct quantitative models and how to anticipate outcomes and marketing effects using data, statistics, and artificial intelligence. This free online marketing course will take twelve weeks to finish and will likely demand eight to ten hours per week of work.

5. Duke Continuing Studies

Duke University has grown to become one of the most renowned universities in the United States. The Digital Media and Marketing Certificate, provided by Duke University’s Office of Continuing Studies, is a self-paced course for anyone looking to develop their digital marketing abilities or begin a new career in the industry. With 350 combined instruction/study hours, it is one of the most thorough non-credit programmes available. The course equips students with the necessary abilities to be successful digital marketers. The course comprises of:

● Digital Marketing Certified Associate (DMCA)

● Search Engine Optimization Practitioner

● Email Marketing

● Content Marketing

● Pay Per Click Practitioner

● Social Media Practitioner

● Mobile Marketing Practitioner

● Conversion Optimization Practitioner

● Web Analytics Practitioner

6.University of Vermont

The University of Vermont, founded in 1791, is a New England university with a long and glorious history. It is ranked #5 among New England higher education schools, and #11 by Value Colleges for the greatest value for a digital marketing online degree. Best Online Marketing Degrees recognises the University of Vermont’s Digital Marketing Fundamentals Certificate as the best in the country. It is taught by experienced practitioners who work with Fortune 1000 companies to build and implement digital marketing strategy. Through research and the creation of marketing strategy, it provides a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing. It is an online course that requires 10 weeks to complete. Modules included in the curriculum are:

● Overview and Introduction

● Search Engine Optimization

● Paid Search

● Email Marketing

● Display Advertising

● Social Marketing

● Mobile Marketing

● Analytics

7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Many professionals, including senior executives, managers, chief marketing officers, marketing managers, and agency executives, can benefit from the Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics program at the institution. It helps to understand the rules of marketing in the contemporary era to give a better direction to their digital marketing campaigns. It covers a variety of topics such as:

● Search marketing

● Social network marketing

● Social media analytics

● User-generated content management and marketing

● Mobile advertising and commerce

● CRM strategy in the age of big data and digital advertising

● Earned vs. paid media

● Predictive modeling for ad targeting

● Viral product design

● The multichannel experience

8. University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame is a research university founded in 1842. Notre Dame is ranked #18 and #4, respectively, for best value for a digital marketing online certificate by Value Colleges and Best Colleges. The Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame, in collaboration with Rutgers Business School Education, offers this top-tier Digital Marketing Certificate Program for executives in marketing, advertising, communications, sales, and IT. The course will teach you how to develop a digital marketing strategy, tailor the digital experience and the online customer acquisition process, and calculate the ROI. It is taught by professional staff who are experts in the digital marketing industry and provides courses in: Digital Marketing Strategy Search Engine Marketing Social media marketing Mobile & Marketing innovation User Experience & Marketing Online Customer Acquisition Personalized Digital Experiences Web Analytics and ROI. It also comprises case studies and interactive sessions.

9. University of Illinois

The University of Illinois’ Digital Marketing certificate includes three courses, which are: Marketing in a Digital World, Digital Analytics for Marketing and Digital Marketing Channel. This course is delivered through video lectures, quizzes, etc.

10. University of Georgia

Three different Digital Marketing Course programs are available at the University of Georgia which are: Digital Marketing Course Tracks- This three month course track is specifically for business professionals who are seeking to increase their digital marketing knowledge. The courses teach the basics of digital marketing channels. Digital Marketing for Marketing Professionals — This is a six month course for marketers who want to enhance their digital marketing skill sets. It consists of search/PPC marketing, SEO, Conversion optimization and web analytics. Digital Marketing for New Media- This is also a six month course and is designed for media and marketing professionals who wish to learn the techniques of digital media marketing. The courses contain social media, content strategy, email and mobile marketing. On completion, the students will qualify for the Online Marketing Certified Associate (OMCA) or Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) examinations.

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