Gamers were once thought of as misfits, work-shy dreamers, and lone rangers who struggled to fit into society. But the old prejudices are no longer valid; and everyone now enjoys gaming, from older women to athletes, children to accountants. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and mobile marketing, our world is gradually becoming a gamer’s paradise. For years, the gaming sector has posed a riddle that few marketers have been able to solve. Marketing in the gaming business has always been an unexpected and stressful endeavour in a specialized field where income was integrally related to the launch dates of big titles.The main challenge for marketers is how to capitalise on this and increase your own brand’s awareness by making use of these video games.

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● Fun

Games are a sort of entertainment that speaks to the very fabric of humans, since they provide fun and enjoyment to users. Whether it’s to pass the time or to obtain an achievement, it provides a sense of happiness to the users. We are social beings with a strong desire for adventure, success, and triumph. All of this may be done safely and conveniently inside the confines of a game. In a nutshell, games allow people to have fun, and this fun is marketable.

● Engaging

Unlike most traditional marketing, games do not appear out of nowhere in users’ feeds, grabbing their attention. Instead, users are given the option and incentive to play the game, which means that any subsequent engagement is proactively initiated by the user; they are in charge, and they choose to interact with the company; this is a marketing win in itself. With visitors engaged in games and unintentionally connecting with companies, businesses have the potential to promote their messaging and brand in a number of ways throughout the time the user is playing. Video games cannot match the amount of involvement that game mechanics can elicit. According to studies, traditional television still has a significant audience; however, individuals are increasingly checking their phones during television advertisements. When individuals use a screen in their spare time, they don’t consider the games they are playing to be marketing at all. Games may provide a rapid burst of entertaining action for players while simultaneously raising product awareness and gathering fresh lead information.

● Multiplatform

Most individuals nowadays own many gadgets, all of which have internet, social media, and app access. Video games may be made anywhere these components can be found. Games may be played on a variety of platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, extending the reach of any in-game marketing campaign.

● Data Collecting

With marketing through games running exclusively via online servers, the platform has the ability to accumulate information regarding the user. To what extent the information field gathers is entirely up to the company and their objectives. When the game gathers all player analytics, the company can utilize this information for other marketing strategies and business purposes.

● Wide Market Reach

Games are multi-generational and appeal to young and old alike. Most smartphone users play games on their phone almost everyday, putting aside at least 1–2 hours of gameplay each day. It is also played by both males and females. Therefore, the market is wide and varied and along with the integration of smart devices into everyday life, it is clear that whichever target market a brand is aiming for is well within the reach of in-game marketing.

● Positive Association

The attributes of ‘Fun’ and ‘Engaging’ associated with games can help to produce a great user experience. Giving users a way to feel accomplished and receive incentives benefits all parties involved, resulting in increased sales. Even when customers feel in control when playing a game, this is good for brands. Having the option to participate in the marketing activity rather than watching a video, which might make people feel as if they are being forced to watch anything, can go a long way toward establishing a favourable relationship with a business and having a positive association towards it.

● Brand Awareness

Since the majority of users do not link games with brand promotion, they are intuitively open to well placed branding. Because of brand recall, the next time a consumer is shopping for a product linked with the brand in the marketing campaign, they will be more likely to purchase the advertised brand.

● Gaming Influencers

Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly popular, as large businesses across all sectors are capitalizing on the popularity of social media influencers to reach a wider audience on a number of channels. Your product may soar to new heights with the appropriate cooperation with a relevant player. With a single post, social influencers may earn thousands of dollars, and those with enormous followers can earn much more – this is especially true for gaming influencers on YouTube and Twitch. Along with YouTube, the most popular streaming network, Twitch, is the most popular arena for gaming influencers. Members may connect their console, computer, or smartphone to stream live recordings of themselves while playing a game. Collaborating with such gaming influencers can increase the visibility of your brand both inside the gameplay and outside it.

Pairing the proper product with the right game is the most crucial part of any in-game marketing strategy. As previously said, video games are played by individuals of all ages and demographics, but the genres they choose to play differ greatly. Families incline toward easy puzzle or adventure games, while young males prefer action and sports games. It would not make sense to include an advertisement in a game that is completely unrelated to your product and target market. In-game marketers must first identify the clients most likely to buy their items before determining the games they would play.

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