Must-Have Accessories For Every Marketer

  1. Thin & Light Laptop

Marketers are hustlers, always on the move. Irrespective of your power requirements, you need to have a laptop that is thin & light & packs hours of battery.

Your laptop will enable you to work on the move, meet clients & sip on coffee whilst your create pitches. A Macbook Air is a great option. If you’re the Windows kind, you could go for a HP Spectre.

2. Powerbank

If there’s one thing we all love to hate, it’s phonecalls. Client calls take up the most part of our days & it never ends.

So if your phone goes off, you’re losing business. Always carry a powerbank with you.

3. A Duffel Bag

Carry a duffel bag with a change of clothes (professional ones). Incase you have to drop in to meet a client, you need not waste anytime at all & can jump right to it.

4. The Pennline Diary

The pennline diary comes with a notebook, a classic pen, a powerbank & a USB pen drive, all in one. This diary is the swiss-army-knife equivalent for a marketer.

5. An iPad

If you’re the kind of marketer that dabbles in a little bit of everything from writing to graphics to video editing, get yourself an iPad. You don’t need the Pro, just the base-level iPad will serve you well. It can dramatically speed up your workstream.

6. Notion

Notion is a software tool & also comes as an app. You can use it to take notes, share with others & have your entire to-do list right there. What’s more? you can even create your content library on Notion.

7. A suit or formals

So we spoke about the duffel bag earlier, but what do you carry in it? A good suit. Every business person must own atleast one good suit. Appearing professional is step one to making a good impression on your clients.

Your work can later speak for itself.

8. Business Cards

Yes, we’re mostly tech. But asking the clien you meet at an event to pull out their phone & take your contact is easier said that done. It’s most likely they will not want to do so & would rather ask you for a business card. Therefore, whenever you start your marketing, it is imperative that you get yourself a bunch of business cards.

9. Card case

This follows number 8! You need a card case for three reasons :
* To carry your business cards
* To take back business cards of clients & potentials partners
* To carry your work credit card

10. A Good Headset

A good pair of earphones or a headset with a microphone is going to be your best buddy once you realise how many calls you have to make in a day.

You could get a reliable bluetooth headset or a wired one but keep in mind that you may want to pick one that works across all your devices & has a noise cancelling feature so your work doesn’t have to stop, no matter where you are.

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