Who needs a mentor?

Whether you’re new to a field, switching jobs, stuck at a problem or just looking for a fresh point of view, this may be the first time you ever thought of finding a mentor. But do you need one? Who really needs a mentor?

1) People just getting started at a job

If you’re just getting started, knowing an experienced person who could show you the ropes could give you the edge you need to get ahead. They could guide you on the right steps to take your career forward.

2) You’re hoping to switch jobs

Whether you’re moving up the or across the ladder within the same company, or you’re hoping to jump into a job at an MNC, or you’re going from a well-established company to a smaller startup, big decisions need big views. A mentor would know what may be the best move for your career.

3) You’re looking to switch fields

So you’ve been working in business development all your career & now want to sweep into the field of marketing. Your mentor can help you find a footing, understand the knowledge gao you may have & help you prep to get your brand new career started.

4) You’re a final year in college

The last year of your university education is geared towards finding the right first job. Your first job is your entry to a world of possibilities & a miss-step in choosing your first job could lead to a crash or break in your career. A mentor can help you decide & prepare for the fascinating world of corporate jobs.

5) You wish to up-skill

Your skills, whether you’re getting started or you’re just looking to improve, up-skilling can not be easy. And if you do not pick & choose the right skills to focus on, you’re going to be grasping at straws and struggling to find your footing instead of spending time productively & learning something useful.

6) You’re a head of department at a startup

From the CEO to the head of tech, everyone needs a little advice from time to time. But who do you go to when you’re at the top of the rung in your company? Someone who has been there, done that & succeeded in the field. This is where you would choose an external mentor.

7) You’re new to a company

Being new anywhere is not easy. Being a fresh recruit in a company is even tougher. So how do you make headway? Find an internal mentor. Someone to show you the ropes & help you understand how the company works. This could accelerate your adjustment time within this new company.

8) You have a problem you can’t solve

If you have a problem at work that you just can’t find a way around & you’re looking for some extra guidance in the matter, your mentor could be the one to show you the light & help you get to the answers faster. Their years of knowledge can help you out.

9) You work!

No matter who you are & what stage you’re at, you do now & may later, need a mentor. So find one now & build a relationship with your mentor so that when the time comes around, you have the right guidance & the perfect guide.

Whoever you are, you need a mentor & you may not even know it yet. So find one now.

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