How to find a mentor?

Understand why you are looking for a mentor

Why are you looking for a mentor is it only because you’re in trouble or is it because you want to further your career?

The reason why you’re looking for a mentor dictates the kind of person you should be looking for. Someone for a quick fix, or someone who is going to be your guide on the longer journey. Step one is to decide this purpose.

What field do you work in

Step 2 to understand the field you work in. Is yours a field with several bifurcations? Is it one with just one speciality? What are you looking to learn in within your field? Is it a specialisation? A chart that dictates these specifications should be your first guide.

Niche or general

If you’re looking to solve a problem or further your career in a particular direction, you may want to look for a mentor that specialises in a particular niche & has amassed experience in the same. However, if you’re just starting out & are unsure of your own path in your career, you ought to choose a mentor that’s a little more on the generalised side. A king of all trades.

Someone with no personal connection

It is important to make sure you do not have personal connections with your mentor. This could lead them to make biased suggestions that objectively may not be the best. Guided by feelings or relations, a mentor may not have the best effect.

Someone with a lot of experience

It goes without saying that your mentor must be experienced. Find a mentor who has over ten years of experience. It is even better if you can find one who has tried multiple fields & has then chosen to specialise in a niche over a couple of years.

Someone who can devote time towards mentorship

Never choose a mentor who’s too busy. Even if they are the nicest people on earth, work comes first to someone who is successful. This means that when choosing a mentor, you ought to choose someone that has time on their plate to help you with your work.

Someone who knows how to teach

A mentor must be a good teacher. Fact of the matter is, most people do not know how to be good teachers. They may be excellent at their jobs, visionaries at work, but terrible at teaching. This is not the person you want to pick as a mentor.

Someone who shares similar vision to you

You must choose a mentor who either has a vision similar to yours, or ideas that you are in agreement with. It is important for you to find synergy with your mentor. Else it may just turn into a sparring match, every time you bring a discussion to the table.

Someone who’s on your dream career path

Find a mentor who has the job you dream to have. Find a mentor who has been through the path that you hope to take. Find someone who took the same route up tat you envision for yourself. This person would be able to guide you and tell you of all the pitfalls & tribulations you may soon face.

Too Confused? We’ve got you covered.

If you’re still confused about finding a mentor, speak to our experts who can help you find a fit.

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