Reels & How It Can Help Your Marketing Plan

Reels is a new and innovative tool on Instagram which allows users to make and find videos that are enjoyable while being short at the same time. It is a fun way to share videos with the entire Instagram community. These videos are typically 15 or 30 seconds long. They can be recorded as multi-clips and audio, effects, filters, etc. can be added. Posting reels on a public account makes it viewable by everyone on Instagram as a whole and is thus an extremely valuable marketing tool for businesses. It is an opportunity for brands to reach a global audience. Although Instagram is one of the most crucial online marketing and advertising methods, the options to discover and be seen by new audiences is very limited. This issue is fixed by Reels as these videos are easily discoverable even by those who do not follow you.


The Reels tool is fairly simple to use. You merely have to record a short video, add either your original audio or an audio that is already in use, add one of the several effects that Instagram provides, create seamless transitions using the align tool, and choose the speed that you want your video to be in. You can also choose to upload a video from your phone gallery instead of recording it on the app. On creating reels that contain a certain song or popular hashtags or effects, the reel you create will appear on pages that emerge when someone clicks on the particular song, hashtag or effect.


Many brands have already begun using Reels as a marketing strategy and have seen profound success. Making reels a part of your online marketing strategy could be optimal if used wisely. It can be used in different ways to best suit the interests of your business.

1. Unlike Instagram posts which are only visible to those who follow you, Reels can be viewed by everyone on the app. The dedicated tab provided for Reels makes it even easier to be seen by potential customers. It is a short and simple way to increase your reach.

2. Reels is an unconventional yet effective way to convey important information about your products or your business and what you cater to.

3. When online, most users have a short attention span and since Reels can be made only up to a maximum of 30 seconds, it enables you to catch the attention of users and market your product or service in a concise manner, delivering to the audience only what is required.

4. Depending on the quality of the video you have made and audio chosen, the video is likely to stay in the minds of the users, thus drawing them to your page.

5. The multiple editing tools available can help you to properly convey your message in a creative manner, allowing you to connect with your target audience.

6. Either by self-shot videos or by collaborations with influencers, you can showcase your collections, product demos or a small behind-the-scenes clip which will lead to a growth in interest towards your product in the minds of the viewers. This will also give you more credibility and build trust in potential customers.

7. Although short videos can be posted on stories as well, they disappear within 24 hours. Reels on the other hand, remain on your page thereby allowing those who visit your page to view them even at a later stage.

8. Sharing Reels on the story of your brand, the people behind it, and so on could assist in creating a personal connection with the audience, making it more likely that they would understand your business ideologies and shop from your page.

9. Users can like, comment on and share Reels which boosts the engagement on your page and make it more likely that it is seen by their followers.


1. Incorporating a novel concept in your Reels will keep your audience hooked. This can also be achieved by making the video funny or visually appealing.

2. Utilizing trending hashtags and audios can increase viewership and also draw in users who are looking for something in specific which you possess when they search a particular hashtag. Each day brings in a new trend on Instagram and this can be used to your benefit.

3. Innovative and quirky captions can spark the interest of the viewers and can also be a means to convey some extra information which could not be conveyed in the video owing to paucity of time.

4. The topics that are trending within your industry can be conveyed to your audience first-hand through Reels which will be informative and helpful for customers.

5. Using Original Audios will result in the name of your brand appearing next to the name of the audio when it is being used by another page as well, thus drawing back the viewers to your video with merely a click.

6. You must strive to strike a balance between fun and information. This will give you the best results.

7. Partnering with other brands and influencers, or even sharing reviews from your customers can increase your reach.

8. Factor in what kind of videos your target audience would like to watch or would look for and create content that is aimed towards it.

Reels can give you the momentum to reach your online marketing goals. Understanding the algorithm and usage can take a while, but the end results are worth going through the learning curve. It is a sure way to increase your engagement and page views which in turn will lead to an increase in sales and revenue.

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