Resources You May Need For COVID

COVID-19 has made our lives unbelievably tough. In these trying times, it has also become infinitely harder to find information regarding COVID or for things like food, tests, oxygen, etc


Starting with the resource that can help us all stay safe & finally put an end to the endless chain of COVID.

You can register for vaccines on any of the below websites. If you don’t know how to register & book a slot, there is a blog on our channel that details the process.

Monitoring The Situation

Keeping yourself informed is of extreme importance in this time. The best way to find out how much the infection has spread in your surroundings & to ensure that you haven’t come in contact with anyone who has had covid, you need the Aarogya Setu App. It also gives you statistics on COVID in your city.

Download the app here —

Marking yourself safe

Gone are the days when a calamity occurred & you could “mark yourself safe” on Facebook. Today, the best way to do this is hop on the Aarogya Setu app ( yes, this app is good for a lot of things ) You can take a quick quiz on the app to check that you are doing well & to mark yourself as healthy.

Test Labs

Incase you have been in contact with someone who tested positive or you find yourself showing symptoms, get yourself tested & don’t wait too long. If you’re looking for private labs to test, ensure that the pricing is not exorbitant. FYI, the government has put a cap on pricing so check it beforehand.

You can also use this link for a list of labs —

COVID Helplines

If you are already positive & quarantining at home or you’ve suddenly tested positive, you may need to access the COVID helpline. Here’s a list on important ones

National Covid Helpline — 1075

Helpline for Covid Positive Patients — 1800–111–747

Oxygen, Beds, Remdesivir, etc

There are several resources, medication & pieces of information you may need during this time. Finding it can be tough. So here’s a link that can help you find just about any resource.

Twitter Information

If you’re looking for LIVE information. Things that are updated ASAP, the twitter resources are the most up-to-date. Some good samaritans have also created a little website that allows you to choose your location, the services you’re looking for & find the latest & most-accurate tweets with the relevant information

Here’s the website —


Whether you’ve recovered from COVID or you’re finding it difficult to recover, you may want to take up plasma treatment ( UNDER MEDICAL GUIDANCE ) If your doctor has recommended the same to you, you can find the right resources on this page



While this particular medication has been difficult to find, it has also been seen that there are several people that are taking advantage of the chaos & swindling money from the needy. Don’t fall for such tricks. Identify if there are government recommended distribution centres in your city. If you are unable to get it through that, or there isn’t one in your city, here’s a document that has a large list of distributors.

Any & All Help

Here’s a group that was created by the people, to help the people. They have an immense resource list & you are likely to find all your answers here.

Covid-19 mental health

Mental health can take a toll during Covid. That being said, everyone knows this & there are several therapists that are taking out time & even giving free sessions to help people out.

For free counselling, you can go to any of the following links :

If you can pay & are looking for less expensive options, you can visit the following

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