Ways to stay creative in marketing from home

We know it can be difficult to work from home. We also know that in a creative field like marketing, writer’s block is unavoidable even under normal circumstances. So we sympathise with those who are experiencing the unshakable version of this, now at WFH.

We’ve put together a list of ideas to keep your creative juices flowing even when you’re working from your bedroom.


Set a routine for yourself that involves cycling through different activities throughout the day. Those of us in marketing have been blessed with a field that lets us work on many things at once. So let’s make full use of that and schedule our routines to cycle through different tasks, with adequate breaks.

Pomodoro Technique

Speaking of adequate breaks. When we work from home, we often miss out on simple things like breaks. Once monotony sets in, its hard to break out of it. So you can try the pomodoro technique.

In this form of work, you would be working in 25 minute slots. After each slot of 25 minutes, you’d take a five minute break. After four such cycles, you’d take a longer 20 minute break.

This can boost your focus & creativity.


Find your rhythm. By this, we mean that there’s probably a type of music that stimulates your mind. For some it could be slow instrumental music while for others it might be heavy metal or rock. Find your favourite & put it on loop. That should help you get better with work.

Ideation Sessions

Have regular ideation sessions with your entire team where you all discuss a hurdle, troubleshoot or even come up with a new strategy. Ideation sessions can get you in a creative space & also encourage you to think outside the box because there’s more than one mind on it.


I know you’re about to say that this has nothing to do with creativity. But you could not be further from the fact. Exercise is a stimulant for both body & mind. It gets the endorphins going & puts you in the mood to get things done. Nothing like a good 20 minute workout before the workday begins.

Limit distractions

Put your personal social media to rest while you work. When you’re working, limit your distractions so that you do not lose the flow in which you are working & creating. You could even set apps on your phone to block usage during your pomodoro cycles.

Get Closer To Nature

You probably should not be stepping out. But you could consider taking a five minute break in between work to go to your balcony or stare out your window. If you have the option, you could also start gardening at home. Greenery is a proven brain stimulant.


Set short achievable deadlines. For those of you that like to indulge in procrastination, there’s nothing like a good deadline to get you working. For those that don’t have this issue, discipline is never a bad thing.

Stay Consistent

The thing with marketing is that you need to consistent & put in regular efforts. That’s the only way you’ll see results. So bake some consistency into the way you work. That way your results will keep you going.

Finally, & I guess most importantly, don’t let your spirits fall due to the quarantine situation. Remember that your work allows you to be creative & explore your ideas. Make the best use of this luxury & create on!
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